October 27, 2014

  • Fast Food Politician

    the confidence you exude
    a dude of action, oh, so shrewd
    nothing but a fast food politician
    with no aptitude for the job
    I’m in no mood for your lies

    I can’t be wooed by you
    I won’t be deluded by you
    you have been reviewed by me
    you are excluded by me
    take your baby food elsewhere

    I’m not part of your multitude
    won’t be part of your family feud
    you are rude and rued and should be sued
    for your ingratitude
    it may be crude but go get stewed in your own devices

September 8, 2014

  • Poetry Ebooks Available

    Poetry E-books Available

    I will post more information as the books become available to download on more sites.

    If I can raise enough money from the electronic version of the books, then maybe I will look into traditional printing. It depends on the interest of the readers.

    Thank you for your support.

August 29, 2014

  • The Chiang Mai Sessions

    The Chiang Mai Sessions is my first collection of poetry. I submitted it to BookBaby.com and it is now available on four websites, including Goodreads.com. I don’t feel much excitement about this, but I do feel good that it is finally available for readers to pick up if they are so inclined. I feel good that it is in bed, and I look forward to getting the next book online as soon as possible.

August 7, 2014

  • The Chiang Mai Sessions: Session Thirty-Nine


    sometimes you walk alone
    but you have to hold your head high
    the road you walk isn’t well-known
    not many will see what you get to see
    only you get to be what you are meant to be

    sometimes you stand alone
    but you have to hold your head high
    where you stand isn’t well-known
    not many will see what you get to see
    only you get to be what you are meant to be

    sometimes you’re on the mountain
    breathing pure winter air
    sometimes you’re in the valley
    longing for someone with whom to share
    sometimes you’re in the thick of a fight
    wondering if anyone is left to care
    sometimes it’s a lonely star
    looking for someone to take the dare

    sometimes you sleep alone
    tired of holding your head up high
    remember the visions you’ve been shown
    in dreams not yet come true
    not many will see what you get to see
    only you get to be what you are meant to be


May 9, 2014

  • an overdue note of gratitude

    Dear family and friends,

    I don’t like to do posts on Sabbath, but today feels different, as if this post was meant to be written at this time.

    Just reflecting on my last few hours in the US, from the time I woke up early on Sunday morning and waiting for Steve to pick mom and me up for the ride to the airport. I don’t remember many words being exchanged. Maybe we were all tired. Maybe there wasn’t much left to be said. I just remember the silence. At the terminal we sat together waiting for them to open the gate and to call out that my flight for Cincinnati was boarding passengers. I couldn’t help think that when I got on the plane, I would never see anyone from my life in the US again. I knew I wouldn’t see mom again, or my sisters, or my church family. Its a long list of people to whom I was saying  ’goodbye.’

    I am looking back at nearly nine years worth of memories. Though we stay in contact through Facebook, it isn’t the same as being able to see each other face-to-face. There is the funny quote that says, “I <3 my computer. All my friends are in it.” Well, it is through my computer that I can communicate with you, but it is in my heart where I carry you, and there is no baggage limit on friends. From classroom to classroom and touristy site to touristy site, from restaurant to kitchen and every other place I have walked, you have been in my heart and on my mind. There are times when I have wished you could see what I see, hear what I hear, taste the same food I was eating. We have been together over a lot of miles, through a lot of storms, times of dryness and times of flooding, and times of peace and quiet.

    Thank you.

    This past April I changed jobs and towns. I moved from a classroom full of students to a cubicle where I sit and work one-on-one with Chinese students of all ages. After spending four years in places like Bangkok, Ubon Ratchathani, Sri Maha Phot, and Kaeng Khoi, I come full circle, again living in Chiang Mai. I have  been reacquainted with the familiar, and found new places to explore, as well. But the coolness factor is that some of my Chinese students think I am doing well in learning how to pronounce the names of their hometowns, like Beijing, Shenyang, Shanghai, Foshan, Dalian, and others. I have never really explored the Chinese language, but they seem to want me to learn more about it. Maybe I am being groomed for a teaching assignment in China. I do know that I need to learn more about Chinese geography so I can learn where my students are in this world. And maybe one day I will meet them face to face.

    “There are many different worlds
    and many different suns
    but we have just one world
    but we live in different ones”

    The Dire Straights song, “Brothers in Arms,” comes to mind right now. The rest of the song I don’t remember as well, but those lines have stayed with me ever since I first read the lyrics. Things come to mind now that show me how true these things are. From outdoor markets where fish, fruit and vegetables are sold, to the small town malls of towns trying to catch up to the 21st century West, from quiet gardens where kings and queens once walked to city parks named after serving monarchs… guys, we have explored a lot of different worlds together. We have traveled through a lot of time and space together.

    Thank you.

    Thank you for allowing me to share the past and the present with you, and I look forward to sharing the future with you, as well. Thank you for being a part of my journey. And I hope that one day, in a better time and place, that we will meet again, kick our shoes off, pop open a cold one, and can enjoy a good rest that should come at the end of such trips as ours.

    I love you guys. Happy Sabbath.

    Peace out.

April 11, 2014

  • National Poetry Month

    April is National Poetry Month, sponsored by the Academy of American Poets in the interest of exposing more people to the joys of poetry and the creative minds behind the words. Last year was a productive month for me, as I was able to write a minimum of one poem a day for 30 days. This month has been more stifled for me, however. My last teaching job ended and I found a job in the Chiang Mai area, tutoring Chinese students online. Orientation for the position ran from April 7 to April 9, and I start officially this coming Wednesday. So this month has been rather busy. Instead of writing one poem a day, it is my goal to write at least 30 poems for the month, and it is hoped that I will exceed my goal.

    This month marks the fourth anniversary of my departure from Chiang Mai to Ubon Ratchathani, and it also marks my return. I missed this place on some levels. It is good to be back. Unfortunately, it is Songkran week, the celebration of the Thai new year that turns the country into an armed camp of squirt gun and supersoaker armed people out to hose you before you hose them. Beware the buckets of water that are in your face, as well as the threat of water balloons marked “to whom it may concern.” That is very much an indiscriminate way of making a splash with you.

    More later.

  • Phra Sumen – panarama images

    Phra Sumen images were captured with a Canon A800 camera and were
    stitched together using Hug-In software.






    Images were taken on April 6, 2014.

March 13, 2014

  • Writing Essays

    The writing of essays is one of the foundations of a student’s university education. Students are expected to show a certain level of expertise with their major. The essay is one way for them to show how much they know, as well as share their opinions based on what they have learned through class attendance and independent research and study.

    To help students develop their writing skills, English classes from grade six through grade 12 are assigned to write smaller essays, usually in the 500 word range, which is about a page-and-a-half. It is the length of the typical letter to the editor featured in daily newspapers. Longer research papers may be required by other teachers, depending on the subject.

    The essay is broken down into three components. The first part is the most critical, as it has to get the attention of the reader. This is the INTRODUCTION to the essay. There are five tools that are available to the student to help grab the readers’ attention, and they are called GRABBERS. Examples of grabbers include the following: quote/proverb, amazing fact, curiosity, humor, and anecdote. These grabbers will help the writer get to the point of the essay, which is called the THESIS. The thesis introduces the TOPIC the writer is addressing in the essay.

    Once the subject is revealed to the reader, one has three opportunities to prove why the opinion they have is valid. The first reason is addressed in the second paragraph. One sentence explains the reason, and the other two or three sentences explain the reasoning. These three paragraphs are the BODY of the essay.

    The second paragraph will explain the second reason. It will also have two or three sentences that support or reinforce the line of reasoning.

    The third paragraph is your strongest argument supporting your thesis statement. It must also have the strongest reinforcement to your arguments. If the first and second paragraphs cannot stand, this is your third line of defense, and it must stand up to scrutiny.

    Finally, we have the CONCLUSION of the essay, the summary of what you have just said. This is where you tie everything up into one nice, tidy little package.

    Two tools are required to help bring your essay to life, and are particularly critical in longer essays at the university level. These tools are called SOURCES, and there are two types of sources: primary and secondary.

    PRIMARY SOURCES include yourself as a witness to events that you are writing about in an essay. Other people you interview are also primary sources. You are getting first hand information.

    SECONDARY SOURCES include books, newspapers, magazines, Internet websites, etc. These are sources that pass news of record on as a secondary source. You did not talk with someone one-on-one, but someone else did, and recorded their stories for the record.

    One need never fear the writing of an essay when it is on a subject that one has an invested interest. It need never be boring or tedious. As a reflection of who you are and the passion you have for the subject, it should be a matter of joy that you write it. Who else better can tell your story or share your opinion than YOU?


March 3, 2014

  • Liar’s Knife

    not every battle is covered in glory
    not every hero lives to tell his story
    not every cause is worth the shedding of blood
    not every life is worth the price of this mud

    we wanted to believe in the straight and true
    we marched knowing what we were going to do
    take the battle to the enemy, we said
    we came back home left weary and dead

    we watched as our truth became a lie
    no good reason for our enemies to die
    I wonder why I can sleep in peace
    when for my brothers there is no release

    not every heart deserves to beat strong and bold
    not every story deserves to be told
    and all that gold I see glittering
    falls into hands undeserving

    I wonder why they can sleep in peace
    I wonder why they get sweet release
    my brothers deserved to live their lives
    but got cut down early by a liar’s knife

February 23, 2014

  • Drifting Away

    some people wake up wise
    some don’t wake up at all
    some poke out their eyes
    tired of all the things they saw
    and I’m checking out soon
    fill up the hot air balloon
    I’m drifting away
    I’m drifting away

    some people starving for news
    looking for reasons to sing the blues
    and the friends they pick and choose
    hit the alarm for one last snooze
    tell me what’s left to lose
    after things are said and done
    show me a place to hang my guns
    gonna have me a little fun

    you can take me to task
    for the questions I didn’t ask
    I’m even willing to take the blame
    for how the team threw the game
    I’m used to being on the losing side
    and I’m ready for one last slide
    there isn’t much now left to say
    please don’t look at me that way

    some people wake up blind
    they forever closed their hearts and minds
    in the darkness they trip and stumble
    over things they searched their whole lives for
    they can’t even find the door
    they thought they were on the winning team
    but you and I know nothing is ever as it seems

    and I’m drifting away
    I’m drifting away